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Discover Dubai February 2018 Issue
Dubai is one of seven emirates that forms the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Often recognised for its iconic towers, man-made islands and malls, Dubai is undoubtedly a success story as is this young country itself.عقدت اجتماعاً استثنائياً في مركز محمد بن راشد للتواصل الحضاري


لجنة التنمية الاجتماعية بـ«تنفيذي دبي» تناقش الخدمات الإسكانية


Dubai Week: Questions and Cuisine with the SMCCU

“I did this every single day for a year before I went to uni. I just love that I get to talk to people and bring a different, positive light onto what the Middle East and the Emiratis and Muslims are all about,” she says.
What’s the biggest mis-conception, we wonder? “That we are all very rich.”

Independent: Dubai On A Budget

Dubai's Diversity amazes international scopers

“I got a little emotional,” says Morales, who calls her followers “peri-pocket pals”. “They put the abaya on me and took me through that whole process,” she says. “It felt so peaceful and it was very cool to see my viewers be like: ‘Oh! I understand that now.’ Because there is a misconception that, being a Muslim country, women are owned and told what to do – and we go to see it from a different sense, a sense of privacy and choice. I wish we had more tolerance.” 

DestinoDubai Sao Paulo

Like they all are at the Cultural Center! Not quite a lecture, but a funny, educational and enlightening chat. Running the show was Mr. Abdulla Al Hussam, who graciously answered all the questions from the audience. You want to know the highlights of what was asked and said?

Dubai: mitos, verdades y encantos

El pasado jueves, en uno de los salones de Faena Hotel de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, el Departamento de Turismo, Comercio y Marketing de Dubái (DTCM) organizó un encuentro con medios de prensa en horas de la mañana y un workshop para agentes de viajes y operadores, por la tarde con la finalidad de tomar contacto con los representantes del destino, receptivos y hoteleros.

The National: Elderly Emirati wants young generation to preserving Emirati Traditions 

Al Arabiya: Ramadan Feasts May defy the very prupose of fasting

“Fasting is to attain taqwa, which is self-consciousness… You learn how to appreciate your blessings: food and drink, your relationship with your spouse,”

The National: Promote Cultural Tourism

Now a cultural expert says more emphasis needs to be given to promoting Old Dubai to tourists, instead of beach developments or super malls, to give them a taste of the emirate’s real heritage.

Al Arabiya: Ramadan Lantern

He explained: “Stories state that in 358 AH during the Fatimid dynasty, when Caliphate Al-Muʿizz li-Dīn Allah arrived the first day of Ramadan, the people and children of Egypt went outside to greet him holding their lanterns."

The Arab Weekly: Ramadan a Special Month for UAE Expats, Natives

El Correo Del Golfo

El nacimiento de la nueva Luna que define el inicio del mes sagrado para el 23,2% de la población mundial se espera
que tenga lugar entre el 18 y el 20 de junio. Llamamiento a los occidentales para que actúen con caridad y respeto

Khaleej Times: Ramadan 2015

Dubai — Make the most of the month but when in public, refrain from eating and drinking, were among the ‘dos’ and ‘dont’s’ described during a free lecture called ‘Ramadan 101’ to non-Muslims, as an introduction to the holy month of Ramadan.


Teach UAE Magazine Feature on the SMCCU


 Al Ittihad  جامعة زايد تستضيف اجتماعات الفرع الطلابي لـ "العلاقات العامة" في الشرق الأوسط

  Al Bayan   جامعة زايد تستضيف اجتماعات جمعية العلاقات العامة

  Al Khaleej Times     جامعة زايد تجتمع بطلاب جمعية العلاقات العامة


Stereotypes of Emirati Workers are a Myth: The National


El Correo Del Golfo: Dubaiytu descubre en español las tradiciones de Emiratos

Con una amena bienvenida a pies descalzos y con café árabe especiado con cardamomo y azafrán, fueron recibidos en el Centro para el Entendimiento Cultural Sheikh Mohammed en Al Fahidi de Dubai, los participantes que se unieron a la iniciativa de Dubaiytu ( para entender la forma de vida y tradiciones de Emiratos Árabes Unidos.


الإماراة اليوم: ...قدم برامج مخفضة المدارس


The National: Cultural Awareness Required in the UAE Workplace

Dubai World:Jafza Customers in ieal positions ot benefit from Dubai's GrowthCultural Awareness Required in the UAE Workplace

Male Etiquette in the UAE

How to behave with charm and respect in Cosmopolitan Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque wins travel award

Dubai: Jumeirah Mosque, a top tourist attraction in Dubai, has won an award from a popular travel website in recognition of the large number of people who visited it and expressed their appreciation of their experience there.


El Correo Del Golfo: "La Mezquita de Jumeirah recibe el Certificado de Excelencia de Tripadvisor 2014"

El Centro Mohammed Sheikh para el Entendimiento Cultural anunció que el Programa de Visita Mezquita Jumeirah ha recibido un Certificado TripAdvisor del premio a la Excelencia.


Dubai PR Network: "Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding hosts the Award Ceremony of its 2nd annual ‘Treasures of the UAE' Art Competition" December 14, 2013

In the celebration of this year's UAE 42nd  National Day, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) were pleased to host an Award Ceremony on Monday 2nd December to honour the 24 winning student artists of the 2013 “Treasures of the UAE “ Art Competition. The Ceremony included prize giving, a private Cultural Lunch and a Heritage Tour of the Al Fahidi Historic District.

The New Zealand Herald: "Uncovering Dubia's Cultural Heart" December 13, 2013

Dubai is nicknamed "Do Buy" and for good reason.

My Telegraph: "Getting to know the UAE" December 13, 2013

But, if you want to get under the skin of the UAE, to learn more not just about the do’s and don’ts of expat life but about Emirati life itself, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) is a good place to start.

Khaleej Times Article: "Open Doors. Open Minds" December 2, 2013

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is trying to bridge the gap between different perspectives and sensibilities Article: "Centre to Launch Art Competition" November 5, 2013

DUBAI: The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) on Sunday said its “Treasures of the UAE” art competition will be launched on 2 December in celebration of the UAE’s 41st National DDUBAI: The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) on Sunday said its “Treasures of the UAE” art competition will be launched on 2 December in celebration of the UAE’s 41st National Day.

Khaleej Times Article: "Ramadan's focus changing?" July 21, 2013


 As tradition goes, 25-year-old Tasneem Karam remembers Iftar being a strictly family affair. “When I was a kid, we would break the day long fast with water and dates at home and visit the mosque for prayers. My mother would have cooked a healthy meal for the family because eating a heavy meal after several hours of fasting is not possible,” said Karam. 

WAM Emirates New Agency: "SMCCU receives movies, documentaries from Dubai Media Incorporated" April 21, 2013

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Culture Understanding (SMCCU) received a number of English documentaries from Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI). The documentaries will be projected for the centre's visitors from all over the world to reinforce the cultural communication.

Yahoo News Article: "SMCCU Offers Window into UAE Culture" August 2012


When visitors arrive in Dubai the one sure place to find out about local culture and interact with Emiratis is the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. The centre was established in 1998 under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum as a non-profit organisation. It is situated in a traditional wind tower in historic Bastakiya, one of the oldest districts in the city

Gulf News Article: "Shaikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding Announces Ramadan Programe" July 15, 2012

The Shaikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU), has announced the beginning of its 2012 Ramadan programme taking place from July 22 to August 15.

Vision Magazine Article: "open doors, open minds, Building Cultural bridges" February 2012

At the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, no question is ever too trivial as it bids to foster understanding between Dubai Emiratis and the city’s expat community and help smooth the path for international corporations setting up in the region 

Dubai Confidential Article: "Enjoy a Cultural Breakfast Understanding SMCCU" April 2011

As expats, it’s easy to stick to the security of what we know – the people, the food, and the activities we enjoyed at home. Likewise, as tourists, it’s easy to while away the hours on Dubai’s beaches, shopping in the air-conditioned splendour of the malls, and eating at some of the word’s best restaurants.  But what about the real Dubai?