Media Request Form

Media Request Form

By completing the below media request form, you agree that you will use the materials requested for the express purpose listed in the form.  The SMCCU retains an exclusive right to any materials provided to the requester, and may revoke this right at any time if it is determined that the material was not used for purpose intended.  If the requester wishes to reuse material for another purpose, a new Media Request must be submitted.

If you wish to produce your own media at any of our facilities or events, then you agree to provide the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding a final copy of any print or digital materials for our use. Request from filming need prior approval from SMCCU and you will be sent an email confirming that your requested date & time are available.

Please Fill in the Form Completely.  You will be redirected to a confirmation page and an email will be sent with further details about your request. 


Date Film/Photo Shoot:               (DD/MM/YYYY)

Publication/Airing Date:               (DD/MM/YYYY)

Contact No. Day of Shoot:           

Request Type:                   Ctrl "Click" to select all that apply

Type of Media Use:          

Publication/Program Name:



     Please describe how the media will be used and the purpose of the print/video.



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