As a winner of both the Innovation Award 2002 and Maxi Award 2004 and more recently Winner of the Stevie International Business Award 2012 & People's Choice Award for Favorite Company 2012,our non-profit organisation has been recognised as an expert in Emirati culture, tradition, and the traditional arts. As such, we host special events for private and public organisations which showcase these traditions in a fun yet educational unique cultural experience. From authentic cultural themes, to traditional food and educational seminars on Emirati and Islamic history, our staff are eager to tailor presentations for specifics events ensuring satisfaction and success.

The SMCCU holds annual public events which include our National Day Celebrations and our annual Art Competition, "Treasures of the UAE" which gathers art works from the local school community depicting local historic sites. Through these events the centre highlights the traditional culture of the people of the UAE and celebrations the local arts, handicrafts and honors these significant historic sites.

From the speaking engagements at ASTA, JAFZA, 8th Annual Human Assets, MENA, to private cultural events, the SMCCU is keen to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in the region through, fun engaging and entertaining events.   

Arabian Travel Market

At our traditional wind tower house in the beautiful Al Fahidi Historic District, the SMCCU holds private events that are tailored to the needs of your organisation. These events aim to showcase the traditional customs and culture of the people of the UAE by demonstrating handicrafts and traditional arts that are still a significant part of preserving the rich heritage of the Emirati people.